Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition

Join Shaniece M. Wise's Unstoppable Community and get a complimentary copy of Chapter One of Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition. You'll also get access to Shaniece's Business Resource Center filled with videos and downloads to help you build beyond six and seven figures.

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Get a feel for Shaniece's coaching style with these short videos on various business topics like how to conduct a SWOT analysis and how to add multiple streams of revenue to your business


Access the first chapter of Shaniece's book Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition along with other downloads to help you accomplish your business goals

After speaking with Shaniece about her Business Coaching Program, I felt confident that she could help me reach my goals and help me break them down into manageable steps. I did not have the money when I first signed up, but I had the faith. After making my first payment, I never looked back. I was very clear about what I wanted to get out of working with her. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and learn real strategies to help build my business. Since working with Shaniece I had one of my highest months ever, which was 16k month. She has taught me that it is okay to pray and dream big because God can do a lot of things. Shaniece’s program provides not only business coaching but a community of women and when you are around the right community, you inspire each other. If you are ready to level up your business, then Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program is for you.

Acquania Escarne, Wealth Strategist & CEO, The Purpose of Money

After being in business for 8 Months, I joined Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program. The first month of working with Shaniece, I did $10,000 in 28 Days. That was the most that I had ever accomplished in my business. Working with Shaniece has taught me that consistency is the key. When you set goals make sure you do everything in your power to reach those goals. There is no blaming game because you must take responsibility for your actions. I fell in love with Shaniece and her style of coaching because not only did she coach me, but she prayed for me as well. She took the time to pray over me, my family and different situations that I encountered. She allowed me to believe that God has something greater in store for me. Honestly, just being connected with Shaniece has caused my business to blow up.

Kitorah Sandy-Forbes, CEO of Kreative Kreations By Kitorah

Shaniece M. Wise

Shaniece M. Wise is a Certified Business Expansion Coach and strategist who helps six and seven-figure business owners gain visibility, increase profitability and improve systems and strategies in order to create empires.

Through the strategic blend of coaching, consulting and mentorship, clients experience guidance, support and accountability and are able to grow their businesses on average between 60% and 200% in 12 months after joining her coaching programs.

With more than 17 years of coaching under her belt, Shaniece teaches from a Business Expansion System. Shaniece’s direct and powerful speaking style has led her across the United States teaching business owners and leaders how to broaden their mindset, business and profits.

Shaniece was featured in the Influence Digest as one of the top 20 coaches in Columbus, Ohio in 2021.