Shaniece M. Wise

Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

I wasn’t always a business expansion coach and an Anointed Prophet of Profits. There was a time when I was like most of the clients who enroll in my 12-month coaching program:

  • Doing work I didn’t love doing and wasn’t born to do but afraid to leave it because I didn’t think I could make money doing what I was born to do.
  • Not listening to myself and trusting my intuition.
  • Convinced that hustling and grinding was the only way to rise and shine.
  • Shrinking in on myself and allowing myself to be stripped of my personality and changed until I wasn’t me anymore.
  • Afraid to let go because I didn’t think I could afford to lose one more thing in my life.

I didn’t realize that by staying in that situation, I was losing me!

I lost my home. My credit was in the mud. I felt like a failure. I was so ashamed. I was sure that if people knew how bad things were, they’d tell me "I told you so." I couldn’t stand that thought.

It got so bad I thought about taking my own life. My son was the only reason I didn’t. I knew this couldn’t be all there is. There had to be something better. There had to be a better way!

Both my family and God intervened to help pull me out of that situation. It was here that God showed me that everything I went through on the way out of that bad situation was not for me. It was for those I would serve in the future.

In and through that period, I learned to fight differently and to walk with the Lord in a different way. That season led me to realize the most important truths of my life:

  • My heart’s true desires were a compass pointing the way forward to the greater purpose for my life.
  • Operating in alignment with what I was born to do brought success flowing my direction with ease – no hustling and grinding necessary.
  • Learning to trust myself and believe in myself is what will lead others to trust and believe in me.
  • I don’t need to apologize for who I am to anyone – I am who I am for a reason and for a purpose!
  • Letting go of what you don’t love is the best and fastest way to open myself up to receive what I do want and will love.

I felt like a flower blooming. I got my swag back. I started showing up and being visible again. It took time, but after I forgave myself, my dreams began to come true because I finally gave myself permission to live them.

17 years later, I’ve spoken on stages across the United States and was recently featured in the Influence Digest as one of the top 20 coaches in Columbus, Ohio in 2021. The accolades are wonderful but what matters most to me is seeing those I work with winning.

My clients are able to grow their businesses between 60% and 200% within 12 months of working with me NOT because I am great but because I am doing what I love doing and what I was born to do so that success flows naturally.


What My Clients are Saying...

"I was already a million-dollar business owner with over 25 employees when I joined Shaniece’s Coaching Program, but I was overwhelmed and frustrated. After just seven months of working with Shaniece Wise, my company grew by over 30%. She has helped me implement the type of systems and strategies that have allowed me to work “on” my business instead of "in" my business as the CEO. This is my fourth year being in her program and I have added two more businesses with Shaniece’s help, and my employees have grown to over 40+. Shaniece gave me the permission to invest and believe in myself. The fact that she was praying for my business says it all."

Lisa Gutierrez, CEO and Founder

Dos Hermanos Taco Truck

"I accomplished amazing things under Shaniece’s direction. I identified my gifts, established a business that leveraged my gifts, and captured all my current entrepreneurial ventures under one umbrella. I engaged in her Unstoppable Community and Facebook coaching group, created pricing, and started actively networking to grow my business. I’ve recommended Shaniece’s program to many aspiring and currently-in-business entrepreneurs. She is grounded in faith, transparent, helps you unlock "who you be," and tells you how to build a sustainable business model so you can operate from a place of abundance, passion and love, while making a profit in your business."

Sonya L. Moore, CEO/Owner

Moore Planning & Consulting LLC


I know the struggle that business owners of color, especially women, face when breaking past the six-figure barrier and beyond… because I’ve been there. I spent a significant amount of time and money discovering the secrets behind the breakthroughs that have allowed me to leave behind the hustle and grind.

More Happy Clients...


Are You Ready to Generate 60 - 200% More in Revenue Without Sacrificing Time for Yourself or Your Family?



Shaniece M. Wise has solidified herself in almost every digital marketing and business consulting space. Shaniece is a certified business expansion coach, prominent national speaker, and best-selling author who has managed to build an entire community of successful business owners, and she is on a steady rise to the top! Shaniece is Founder and CEO of Wise, Armstrong and Associates, LLC, a business coaching consulting firm that specializes in helping business owners extend well beyond six figures. Her experience speaks for itself: all of her clients average 60 - 200% of business growth within 12 - 24 months of operation! She uses her expertise to help clients gain visibility, increase revenue profitability, and improve systems and strategies and she is backed by spiritual and biblical principles which puts her in a niche of her own. Shaniece is continuing to leverage current and potential client relationships by constantly building, enhancing, and through a strong passion for helping others.

Shaniece was born and raised in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio to Charles and Jacqueline Wise, two parents that ignited Shaniece’s humble spirit and budding work ethic, alongside her younger brother Chad. Shaniece matriculated and then graduated in the top 2% of her class, from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. She graduated with two business degrees, one in Marketing and the other in Transportation and Logistics. She soon would have her first moment of tragedy at the tender age of 27 through the loss of her father. This moment would unknowingly become the fire that would ignite a fire in Shaniece. Shaniece realized her father passed away without operating within his God-given gifts, and this realization would lead her to writing her book, Activating Your Gifts: 2nd Edition - 15 Steps to Identify Your Gifts to Prepare for Entrepreneurship. Shaniece is now married to her husband Stafford, and is a mom of two boys, Brandon Charles and Xavier Charles.

Shaniece gained her first taste of success while working as Sales Director bringing in over $500,000 in retail sales within one year. While these were amazing milestones, Shaniece felt restricted by the clientele limitations, so she formally retired. In 2008, she was inspired to build her own coaching and consulting firm, the spark that ignited the creation of Wise, Armstrong and Associates, LLC. 

Shaniece has presented publicly on platforms for JP Morgan & Chase alongside Essence Magazine, Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD), National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Columbus, TBN Broadcasting Network, the National Black MBA Association, McKesson Pharmaceutical Company, Charter Communications, Columbus Urban League, Ohio State University, and for Women in Telecommunications (WICT).

Now, Shaniece continues to build her tribe of business owners who are changing the game, affectionately named the Unstoppable Community, a community of women business owners with a desire to expand their expertise through identification, activation, and maximization. Shaniece is strategically teaching her clients how to simplify their businesses while multiplying their revenue. “Building a solid business foundation takes consistency, accountability and focus. It takes time.” says Shaniece. As her journey continues, Shaniece is reigniting her annual conferences, seminars, and high-level speaking opportunities.

With a strong family foundation and aligned clientele, Shaniece is truly unstoppable.