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Whether you need to:

→ Simplify your sales funnels

→ Perfect your pricing

→ Master your marketing

→ Expand your profitability by 60 - 200%

→ Amplify your visibility

Or even create a corporate exit plan, your VIP Strategy Day can help you break the barriers that are stopping you from reaching your next level.

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Your VIP Day Includes:

One-Hour Onboarding Consultation

We’ll troubleshoot your problem and find the MVA – most valuable action – you can take between now and the day our strategy session begins so you’ll start feeling immediate relief.

A Five-Hour One-On-One Strategy Session

We’ll discuss the results you achieved from applying my onboarding recommendation and outline a concrete plan of action for resolving the issue over the next 3-, 6-, 9-, or 12-months, depending on what is appropriate for your situation.

30 Days of Access Over Email and Voxer (a Live Voice Messaging App)

You can ask any questions as they come up, getting advice and guidance, as you work through the strategy we built during your session.

30-Minute Check-Up

Two weeks after our strategy session, we’ll do a 30-Minute check-up. We’ll go over your progress, be sure you’re staying on track, troubleshoot any new issues, and equip you to overcome any roadblocks.

30-Minute Exit Session

We’ll do one final check-in to see where you are and what else you need to keep moving forward.

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Get Help Planning a Strategy to Save Your Situation

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You Don’t Have Time to DIY

Your business situation is urgent.

Every moment you delay is another day you’re losing:

  • Opportunities
  • Customers
  • Money

You’ve been trying to solve it yourself, and the problem’s only getting worse with each day that passes.

There’s a reason for that: You don’t know what you don’t know.

You can keep going the way you’ve been going…

…hoping you’ll stumble across the answer before it’s too late…

…or you can book your complimentary discovery call now and get started solving it.

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Stop Worrying and Start Breathing Again

The delay isn’t just costing you time, money, opportunities, and lost customers…

It costs you in other ways, too.

The stress is eating away at your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

It’s draining you of your time and energy.

You’re not showing up as your best self or delivering at your highest capacity.

It’s painful to part with the money…

…but it’s more painful to keep going like you are now.

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We All Need Help Sometimes

Needing help doesn’t mean you’re stupid or irresponsible. It simply means you’re human.

Admitting that you need help doesn’t make you weak. It takes strength to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers.

Don’t let guilt, shame, or fear keep you from booking your complimentary discovery call. This call will be a safe space for us to explore your problems so we can find a solution that will work for you.

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Your Secrets are Safe with Me

Anything shared with me during our discovery call or VIP sessions will be held in total confidence.

No one else will know unless you choose to share your story.

I am more than willing to sign an NDA if that makes you more comfortable.

Click the button below to book your complimentary discovery call and note that you’d like an NDA when you fill out the form.

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