Strategic Breakthrough: The Premier Business Audit Designed for Revolutionary Success

Step into a league of your own with the only Business Audit crafted by a trailblazer in business growth. While others may offer advice, I bring the heat - delivering a unique, sharply detailed strategy that not only identifies the issues but eradicates them, paving the way for your business to soar. Get ready for a breakthrough as I provide a clear, step-by-step strategy to help you see the results you've been praying for.


Think of yourself at a turning point, just like many other business owners I’ve helped.

You've worked hard and know your business well, yet you're not seeing the growth you've hoped for. Often, the problem isn't about your capability but hidden issues and strategies that don't align. Once we fix these, your business can grow and bring in more profit.


Who is Right for a Business Audit?

Shaniece works with all these niches and more

When I met Shaniece, I was at a pivotal point. My life had been a whirlwind of working multiple jobs, underestimating myself, and tending to my family's needs financially and physically. I needed to find peace AND grow my business - but without the constant burnout and stress. Investing in her business program was a game-changer from the first month. We created a VIP offer for my copywriting business, and I saw immediate results. I went from barely scraping by to experiencing overflow! My company's revenue doubled in less than a year. With Shaniece's help, I went from making $7K to $8K months to over $15K, and I even secured an individual contract worth over $80,000, which is still growing. My team is expanding, my confidence is growing, and my faith is stronger than ever! 

Blessing Santoro, Message Matchmaker

CEO of Bliss Works Brands

A Business Audit can effectively address these issues


Your Programs, Services and Offers

Problem: Your offerings may not align with market demand or your business goals, limiting their effectiveness and profitability. 

Solution: We will evaluate each program and service to determine their relevance and performance and provide insights into necessary adjustments or enhancements to meet customer needs better and support business objectives.


Pricing Models and Revenue Streams

Problem: Your pricing may not reflect the actual value of your services, resulting in lost revenue or market positioning issues. 

Solution: We will analyze your pricing structure compared to the market and your value proposition, suggesting adjustments to optimize revenue and align with industry standards.


Marketing and Visibility Strategies

Problem: If your marketing efforts fail to reach or resonate with your target demographic, your business growth could stall. 

Solution: We will identify shortcomings in your current marketing strategies, offering strategic recommendations to increase reach and improve engagement with your ideal clients.


Review of Your Copy and Messaging

Problem: Inconsistent or unclear messaging can confuse potential clients and weaken your brand's impact. 

Solution: Your content and messaging will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure consistency and effectiveness across all platforms, enhancing your brand's voice and communication clarity.


Hiring Strategies and Team Building

Problem: Suboptimal team structures or ineffective hiring practices can significantly impede business operations. 

Solution: We will evaluate your current team composition and hiring strategies and provide recommendations for developing more strategic hiring practices and effective team structures that support business efficiency.


Internal and External Systems Strategies

Problem: Inefficient systems can lead to operational bottlenecks and increased operational costs. 

Solution: We will assess internal and external systems for efficiency and effectiveness, recommending modern technologies or processes to streamline operations and reduce costs.


Business Operations and Management

Problem: Ineffective management can restrict a company’s adaptability and growth. 

Solution: We will scrutinize your management structures and processes, suggesting improvements for management practices and frameworks that foster proactive leadership and sustainable business growth.

Wondering how this could apply to your business? Here's how a recent audit transformed my client's plans for the future.

This client was transitioning from salon ownership to educating future salon professionals. We identified essential industry challenges, such as the need for improved professional development and better client experiences. The audit provided a comprehensive roadmap supporting her becoming an educator. This included developing targeted educational content and workshops that were highly relevant and valuable to her audience. Additionally, the audit helped devise a value ladder strategy to engage clients progressively, from free workshops to paid courses and personalized coaching, enhancing her visibility and establishing herself as a thought leader in the beauty industry.


The 90-Day Transformational Coaching Program

Once we have crafted your personalized Business Analysis with step-by-step strategies from the audit, the next move is to kick off our 90-Day Transformation Program. We'll bring those strategies to life in your daily business operations, ensuring each step is strategically implemented to maximize your success.

This program is tailored to ensure that the strategic advice provided in the Business Analysis is not just a plan on paper but is actively put into practice with all the necessary support and resources to guarantee success. Clients are guided every step of the way, transforming strategic insights into tangible, positive changes in their business.

The 90-Day Program has 8 Phases. Each phase is crafted to address the immediate needs and prepare the business for long-term success. This structured approach ensures a thorough understanding and impactful implementation of strategies with regular assessments and adjustments to align closely with evolving business goals.

Phases of the 90-Day Transformation Program

Phase 1: Pre-Work, Questionnaire and Kickoff Call

Activities: Complete a detailed questionnaire to capture your current business state and main challenges.

Kickoff Call: Discuss the questionnaire responses and set clear objectives for the audit and the program.

Phase 2: Audit Results and Corrective Action Plan

Audit Call: Review the detailed findings from the business audit.

Outcome: Develop a corrective action plan to address identified issues based on the audit results.

Phase 3: Implementation

Activities: Begin implementing the strategies outlined in the corrective action plan.

Monitoring: Ongoing support is provided as needed.

Phase 4: Reviewing and Adjusting

Review Call: Evaluate the initial impact of the implemented strategies and make necessary adjustments.

Phase 5: Further Review of Implementation

Follow-up Call: Deep dive into the ongoing results of the implementation, discussing further refinements and adjustments.

Phase 6: Achievement Review

Activities: Fill out a detailed form to assess the achievements and impact of the implemented strategies.

Review Call: Discuss the completed form and evaluate overall performance against the program's objectives.

Phase 7: Recap and Strategy for Moving Forward

Strategy Call: Summarize the program's successes and areas for improvement.

Outcome: Develop a strategy for sustained growth and continuous improvement.

Phase 8: Transition and Preparation for Continued Growth

Purpose: Final thoughts to ensure a smooth transition from the intensive program phase to the continued growth phase, providing guidelines for the next steps and further support if needed.

By the end of the 90 days, the changes will be evident: expect streamlined operations, increased revenue, and a deep understanding of your business mechanics. This program doesn't just aim to educate; it seeks to transform. You will gain the tools and know-how to sustain growth and manage your business with newfound efficiency and confidence.

After joining Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program, she performed a detailed Business Audit to pinpoint areas ripe for improvement, precisely what my agency, Counting Potential, required. Upon enrolling in Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program, our team was modest, consisting of three instructors managing between 27 to 30 sessions weekly, supported by one assistant. Fast forward a year, and we've broadened our instructional team to eight, facilitating over 50 sessions each week. Additionally, our management team has evolved from one assistant to include two assistants plus an operations manager. Participating in this program has not only propelled our business to exceed six figures in revenue by 50% within a year but also enabled us to enhance our team and staff capabilities significantly. I am immensely pleased with our agency’s progress. However, the true measure of satisfaction comes from witnessing the impact we have on the children we educate. Although math is our primary focus, fostering confidence in our students stands at the heart of our mission. The positive feedback from parents regarding their children’s burgeoning confidence is extraordinarily fulfilling. This achievement mirrors our expansion and refined processes and logistics, elevating the quality of our operations and the services we offer.

Maleeta Kitchen, Math Specialist & CEO

Counting Potential  Math Tutoring Agency

Invest in Your Business’s Future Today

Now’s your chance to jump on this exclusive ride to sustainable growth and standout success. Grab this opportunity to elevate with a program unmatched in its power to transform.


Your audit will be a collaborative process with personalized guidance from Shaniece and include these things:

  • Access to your Private Business Audit Hub
  • A Business Audit Questionnaire
  • Comprehensive Business Analysis Tailored to Your Business Audit
  • 6 Strategy / Implementation Calls Across 90 Days
  • Templates for marketing, email, networking and more to help you implement your strategies
  • Results Evaluation and Celebration of Achievements
  • Transition Support to Ensure Continued Growth

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Your audit will be a collaborative process with personalized guidance from Shaniece and include these things:

  • Access to your Private Business Audit Hub
  • A Business Audit Questionnaire
  • Comprehensive Business Analysis Tailored to Your Business Audit
  • 6 Strategy / Implementation Calls Across 90 Days
  • Templates for marketing, email, networking and more to help you implement your strategies
  • Results Evaluation and Celebration of Achievements
  • Transition Support to Ensure Continued Growth

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