Activating Your Gifts

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who doesn’t yet know what business you want to start – or if you have that business in mind but are overwhelmed by all you need to know and do – my book and course are where you should begin.



Build a 6-Figure Business NOW

If you already have a business in operation – but haven’t yet broken past the six-figure revenue barrier – my Build a Six-Figure Business NOW course is where you’ll find all the information you need to take your revenue to the next level.



Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition

15 Steps to Identify Your Gifts to Prepare for Entrepreneurship

Allow this 15-step process that the author has used to develop her own gifts and the gifts of others to help you unearth and identify yours. You would be surprised how many hidden talents – or talents lying dormant within – aren’t being utilized. This resource will put you on the path to freeing those gifts.

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