The Unstoppable Business Audit

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When you're busy handling everyday jobs, it's easy to miss the big goals because you're so caught up in the small stuff.

This can make it tricky to tell what's working well in your business and what isn't, which means you might not make as much money as you could or miss out on outstanding chances to grow.

The reasons include:

Too Busy in the Mix: It's hard to step back and see the big picture when you're doing everything in your business every day. You might miss out on seeing how well your business is doing or finding new growth chances.

Too Much on Your Plate: When you have too many things to do, it's tough to stop and really examine what's working well in your business and what's not. You need space to see where you can improve.

Stuck in the Daily Grind: Many owners are so busy with everyday tasks that they don't think about how to grow their business. Planning and looking ahead is really important for making your business bigger and better in the future.

The key to overcoming these challenges is a clear, strategic direction — a roadmap crafted for your business. Picture a scenario where you fully understand your business's strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and are equipped with a plan to utilize your potential effectively while tackling obstacles. This strategy is tailored to meet your unique business goals.

This is what you can achieve with an Unstoppable Business Audit.

Who is Right for a Business Audit?

Shaniece works with all these niches and more


Your audit will focus on your most important priority in one or more of these categories:

  • Your programs, services and offers
  • Pricing models and revenue streams
  • Marketing and visibility strategies
  • Review of your copy and messaging across all platforms
  • Hiring strategies and team building
  • Internal and external systems strategies
  • Business operations and management


Your audit will be a collaborative process with personalized guidance from Shaniece and include these things:

  • Access to your private audit hub
  • A Business Audit Questionnaire
  • A 60-minute kickoff call with Shaniece
  • Results delivered via video and written report
  • A 60-minute analysis session with Shaniece
  • A 15-day implementation period with feedback
  • Opportunity for additional implementation help

The Business Audit offers a strategic review designed to chart your course to growth and profitability. More than an evaluation, it's a comprehensive action plan for success, focused on enhancing your business through effective strategies and careful planning.

A Business Audit is not just an evaluation; it's a transformative tool. It looks at your systems and strategies to see where improvements can be made.

It allows you to:

  • See the real picture of your business - good, bad, and ugly!
  • Look closer to discover the real reasons behind problems and spot opportunities to improve 
  • Turn what we learn into clear steps to expand what you're good at and fix what's not working

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I'm Shaniece M. Wise

As a dedicated Business Expansion Coach & Strategist, I bring extensive experience and a keen eye for analysis to help businesses break through growth barriers. My approach has consistently led to significant improvements in profitability, operational efficiency, and a fortified market position for my clients, ensuring their enduring success.

Finding a coach who offers a comprehensive service like a Business Audit can be a game-changer, providing insights and improvements that can fundamentally transform your business.


I bring specialized expertise because not every coach can offer the deep dive that a Business Audit requires

I go beyond surface level; while others may promise overnight success, I focus on building solid businesses that lead to long-term legacies

I offer customized solutions to educate business owners on critical aspects of running and growing a business effectively


When I met Shaniece, I was at a pivotal point. My life had been a whirlwind of working multiple jobs, underestimating myself, and tending to my family's needs financially and physically. I needed to find peace AND grow my business—but without the constant burnout and stress. Investing in her business program was a game-changer from the first month. We created a VIP offer for my copywriting business, and I saw immediate results. I went from barely scraping by to experiencing overflow! My company's revenue doubled in less than a year. With Shaniece's help, I went from making $7K to $8K months to over $15K, and I even secured an individual contract worth over $80,000, which is still growing. My team is expanding, my confidence is growing, and my faith is stronger than ever!

Blessing Santoro, Message Matchmaker

CEO of Bliss Works Brands

After joining Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program, she performed a detailed Business Audit to pinpoint areas ripe for improvement, precisely what my agency, Counting Potential, required. Upon enrolling in Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program, our team was modest, consisting of three instructors managing between 27 to 30 sessions weekly, supported by one assistant. Fast forward a year, and we've broadened our instructional team to eight, facilitating over 50 sessions each week. Additionally, our management team has evolved from one assistant to include two assistants plus an operations manager. Participating in this program has not only propelled our business to exceed six figures in revenue by 50% within a year but also enabled us to enhance our team and staff capabilities significantly. I am immensely pleased with our agency’s progress. However, the true measure of satisfaction comes from witnessing the impact we have on the children we educate. Although math is our primary focus, fostering confidence in our students stands at the heart of our mission. The positive feedback from parents regarding their children’s burgeoning confidence is extraordinarily fulfilling. This achievement mirrors our expansion and refined processes and logistics, elevating the quality of our operations and the services we offer.

Maleeta Kitchen, Math Specialist & CEO

Counting Potential  Math Tutoring Agency

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One payment of $497