An Exclusive Virtual Dinner for Business Owners: Network, Learn, and Grow 


Join me and my clients for an exclusive virtual dinner designed specifically for ambitious business owners seeking to expand their network, share their business goals, and gain insights from a seasoned business coach and strategist. This unique event combines the intimacy of a dinner party with the impact of a strategic business session, all from the comfort of your own home.

Why Attend?

Connect with like-minded business owners, share experiences, and potentially find new partners or collaborators.

Benefit from the expertise of a distinguished business coach and strategist with two business degrees, two certifications, and the honor of being a top graduate from the Ohio State University College of Business who has run her Business Coaching Firm for over seventeen years.

Share your business goals and challenges, receiving feedback and suggestions from peers and our expert host.

Every participant will receive a guest list post-event to facilitate further connections and a summary of key insights shared during the dinner.


$35 per person

Special Offer

The first 10 to register will receive a 15-minute private strategy session with Shaniece!

Who is Shaniece M. Wise

Shaniece M. Wise is a renowned Business Expansion Coach and Strategist who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With academic excellence from the Ohio State University College of Business with two business degrees and two business certifications, is uniquely positioned to guide business owners through the complexities of entrepreneurship.

She offers actionable insights and personalized advice to help your business thrive, whether it's strategic planning, operational challenges, or growth hacking. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to elevate your business and expand your network. 

Register now to secure your place at the virtual table!


$35 per person