Activating Your Gifts 2nd Edition: 15 Steps to Identifying Your Gifts to Prepare for Entrepreneurship

Too many people go to their graves not knowing their gifts and not knowing how to utilize their gifts properly. Author Shaniece Wise does not want that for you. She wants you to understand your gifts, activate them, and attach them to a business that will serve others and change people's lives.

Do any of the following statements describe you?

  • You know you were meant to change people's lives, but you have no idea what you are supposed to do or where to begin.
  • You are tired of watching others do what they have been called to do while life passes you by, and you are left searching.
  • You keep hearing people tell you to walk in your gifts, but they provide no direction on how to do so.
  • You thought you knew your gifts and what you were supposed to do with them, but nothing has worked for you so far.
  • You are tired of trying business after business with no success and/or fulfillment. You are seeing many people happily succeed in building their businesses, yet you are still trying to figure out if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.
  • You have justified calling yourself a serial entrepreneur, but there's no stability.
  • You know you were meant to do more than what you are currently doing.

If even one of the statements above describes you, then this book is absolutely for you! Allow this 15-step process that the author has used to develop her own gifts and the gifts of others to help you unearth and identify yours. You would be surprised how many hidden talents - or talents lying dormant within - aren't being utilized. This resource will put you on the path to freeing those gifts.



"I am a life coach and have no problem jump starting and inspiring others, but I often lack the focus and drive to motivate myself. I read Activating You Gifts and did the work, reading one chapter a day over breakfast in my quiet time. I was so inspired by each chapter, and I am now working toward dusting off those old dreams and goals and making them a reality."

Tanikka Price, Attorney at Law, Price Legal Services, LLC

"I didn't know what I even wanted to do when I started Shaniece's coaching program. In six weeks, I went from having nothing to starting my own business . . . literally! I accomplished amazing things under Shaniece's direction. I identified my gifts, established a business that leveraged my gifts and captured all my current entrepreneurial ventures under one umbrella. I certified my business with the state, secured my website domain, created my logo and tagline, obtained my EIN, opened a business account, created two sustainable business models, engaged in her Unstoppable Community and Facebook coaching group, created pricing, and started actively networking to grow my business.

I have recommended Shaniece's program to many aspiring and currently-in-business entrepreneurs. She is grounded in faith, transparent, and helps you to unlock 'who you be,' and tells you how to build a sustainable business model so you can operate from a place of abundance, passion, and love while making a profit in your business."

Sonya L. Moore, CEO/Owner of Moore Planning & Consulting LLC

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Learn how to activate your innate gifts to build your business

Learn self-improvement techniques

Learn how to unleash the confident business leader within yourself