Are You an Aggressive Marketer Who Provokes Fear?

business Feb 04, 2020
Are You an Aggressive Marketer Who Provokes Fear?

One thing I cannot stand is for someone to connect with me on social media and try to sell me something right away instead of trying to build a relationship. You will never sell me on a Direct Message where you are asking me to join a program, purchase a book, or sign up for a service. This is not good marketing. I call these types of people, “The Aggressive Marketer/Sales Persons.” Honestly, it can be quite scary.

Good marketing is about building relationships and building trust. There are so many people out here selling this, and selling that. But who is actually focused on getting to know their target audience? It is not about how fast you get a sale; it is about how strong of a relationship you can build. There is nothing like building trust. Trust goes a long way. Depending on the caliber of clients you desire (if you want someone like myself who will invest in quality products and services), take the time to get to know who we are and what we need. What problems are we facing and where are we leaving money on the table.

I was in Mary Kay Cosmetics for eleven years as a top Sales Director. One of the quotes that stood out to me the most was from Mary Kay herself. “Don’t show me how much you know, show me how much you care.” I have held on to this quote, even when it comes to coaching my clients. I absolutely love my clients and they know it. I love on them and I go above and beyond whatever is asked of me. We have relationships.

So, if you are using that tactic of what I call “The Aggressive Marketer/Sales Persons” tactics, I challenge you to step back and ask yourself, is that what you really want to be known for. Do you want to provoke fear, or do you want to provoke trust?

Here are Three Quick Tactics You Can Use to Build Solid Relationships as You Market Your Business:

  1. Take your time to build a relationship with a potential client. Remember, the best sales come with time, effort, energy, and love.
  2. Educate your target audience on who you are and what you do. The smart decision-maker will want to get to know more about you before they make an investment, especially a large one.
  3. Trust the process. There are steps involved when building solid relationships. The type of relationships you want are those in which the person will eventually purchase from you; they refer friends, family, and other business partners. Remember, people who rush the process LOSE. You are a WINNER.

The next time you create your marketing content, ask yourself the following question: “Am I provoking fear or trust?” If you need help in creating the type of marketing that helps you expand and connect to the type of clients that purchase your services and products, let’s chat.

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