My Client Grew Her Business from $0 to $200K in Revenue in 15 Months!

business Jan 10, 2024
My Client Grew Her Business from $0 to $200K in Revenue in 15 Months!

As a business coach, I have helped many clients achieve their business goals. Breanne Thompson is one of my clients who graduated from my business coaching program. Breanne specializes in helping marginalized people learn how to build and scale their Airbnb businesses. She grew her business from $0 to $200K in revenue in just one year.

“Shaniece has helped me to learn the power of scaling my business and being resilient. Lastly, I learned it's okay to take a breather, hear from God about what's next, and move accordingly. Growth in business is not linear.” - Breanne Thompson

Although I have many free and paid resources for business owners, Breanne intentionally joined my Building Beyond Six Figures™ 12-Month Mastermind coaching program. Breanne received one-on-one coaching, access to my exclusive training and workshops, and group support from other women business owners within the program.

Breanne had only earned $30K six months after starting her business. Within the first five months of joining my coaching program, Breanne earned $100K in revenue. After 15 months, she generated over $200K in revenue and accumulated 10 Airbnb units! Cha-Ching!

During her time in my 12-month coaching program, we were able to successfully achieve goals, including the following:

  1. We defined clear goals. Breanne knew she wanted to grow her business, but she wasn't sure how to get there. We started by defining clear goals, such as creating high-ticket courses, hiring a team, developing her coaching program, and increasing her revenue.
  2. We created a plan. Once we defined her goals, we created a step-by-step strategy on how to achieve them. This plan included everything from marketing, selling, lead generating, and operations strategies.
  3. We executed the plan. The most important part of any business plan is execution. We made sure to stay on track with our plan and make adjustments as needed. During her time in my program, we developed a coaching program where she could educate others on how to build an Airbnb business.
  4. We provided support. I was there to provide support and guidance every step of the way. I helped Breanne to overcome challenges and stay motivated.

“The biggest piece of advice for people looking to join Shaniece’s coaching program is that if you are going to seek out a coach, you need to be okay with being uncomfortable and understand that some recommendations will be provided for you to grow. That may not feel good, like increasing your price or considering new offers that can be more scalable. I would say come into the coaching program with an open mind. Understand that you're coming into a community of some boss women who will be alongside you on the journey. Also, take every single day to get 1% better. Shaniece is very big on accountability and checking in to ensure you're actually doing the work she has built out for you to complete.” - Breanne Thompson

As a result of our hard work and dedication, Breanne was able to grow her business beyond $200K in revenue. She is now a successful business owner, Airbnb coach, and consultant for other entrepreneurs seeking to join the Airbnb business. Breanne has significantly benefited from my advice and insights, such as gaining clarity with the direction of her business, vetting and hiring the right employees, and setting up her business for long-term success.

“This program has opened my eyes for what's possible in business for me! While I know that Airbnb will not be my forever thing, I'm amazed at what I've been able to accomplish in a year. I'm looking forward to continuing to build on the foundation that you've helped me build. Onwards to my first $1M!” - Breanne Thompson

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