Is the Holiday Season About Decking Halls or Stacking Paper?

business Nov 01, 2023
Is the Holiday Season About Decking Halls or Stacking Paper?

I don’t know if you are like me, but I love the holiday season. I enjoy spending time with my family and loved ones. I enjoy the holiday spirit of giving and receiving. I enjoy the holidays, especially making money as a business owner.

Let’s be real, more money allows you to invest more into your business, family, and yourself. It allows you to give more, tithe more, and invest more. What if this holiday you could help a family in need and supply their entire holiday, from food to gifts? That’s a boss move, for real.

You cannot do that without money or just enough for your business to run. My 15-Day Next Level Business Bootcamp is set up to help you create digital products, price them, develop content, and market them to your target audience.

So, have you signed up yet…..or not?

One thing I know about women is that we will invest in clothes, shoes, and travel but will not invest in business growth and development. Gucci Bags, Red Bottoms, Coach Bags….Vacations to Paris, Jamaica, Spain, and Dubai….so investing $397 is nothing, right?

What will take place in 15 days?

I will go Live daily, giving you tips and tools on creating digital products so that by November 30, 2023, you will be ready to launch for the December rush. We will move quickly, and there may be days I go Live twice. You will be connected with me in a group on Voxer, and you will have access to me by email. If you miss the Lives, you can go back and watch the replay over and over and over.

For $397, you can earn an extra $25,000 or more and learn from the best Business Expansion Coach and Strategist in the world.

So, is the holiday season about decking the halls, or is it about making money? It can actually be about both.



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