The Millionaire Maker Show featuring Shaniece M. Wise

business Oct 12, 2023
The Millionaire Maker Show featuring Shaniece M. Wise

Do you want to learn how to leverage social media for high-ticket coaching sales?

Well then, you’re in luck! I was recently featured on the Millionaire Maker Show podcast, sharing my most sought-after tips to help other business owners master the art of business scaling. The host, Lindsey Anderson, and I had a fantastic conversation, and I encourage you to watch and share it on all platforms.

In the episode, you can expect me to discuss how to scale your business without sacrificing your personal life or values. I also talked about the importance of being true to yourself in business and avoiding the pitfalls of comparing yourself to other business owners in your industry. Finally, I shared my thoughts on the natural integration of spirituality into business and how it can help you succeed on all levels.

I highly recommend listening to the episode if you want to learn more about these topics. You can find it on the Millionaire Maker Show podcast website or your favorite place to stream your podcast, like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon, and more.

Are you a business owner looking to master the art of high-ticket coaching sales? Are you stuck in a place where your marketing skills need some work to gain the right clientele? Book a discovery call with me today, and I can help you with these issues and get you to a place where you can become a more profitable business owner.

Thanks for listening and sharing the podcast episode!

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