Oh, You Too Good for a Vision Board

business family Dec 01, 2020
Oh, You Too Good for a Vision Board

You might think Vision Boards are cliché but I promise, they work. In January 2020, twenty of my family members got together, and we had a Vision Board Party. It was so much fun because we included food, music, and laughter. It was also exhilarating to watch the closest people to me, including my eleven-year-old, share their dreams and goals with everyone in the room.

We had a million (I am over-exaggerating) magazines, and all the tools needed to create our masterpieces and make sure they popped. After we created our boards, everyone stood up and explained their vision and goals for the upcoming year.

After recently chatting with my mother about how we will not be able to have a large party this year because of COVID19, she bought to my attention her discovery. Everything that my mother put on her board came true. She paid off her debt, moved into a new home, and retired after 41 years of working. All I could say was, WOW!

The bible says in Habakkuk 2:2, “And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” This is a principle that my family and I live by. I teach my clients to live by it as well. When you write the vision, speak it, work at it, and pray over it, then it has no option but to come to pass.

This is why as business owners it is imperative that you write out your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. It is not only important; it is effective. You do not have to wait for January to do a Vision Board Party, you can create a vision for your business, finances, relationships, health, and family every month.

As a Business Expansion Coach and Strategist, I set goals for my business consistently. As a wife, and a mother of a 3-month-old and an eleven-year-old; I am constantly writing out goals and speaking positivity over my family. I challenge you to do the same.

At the end of every month, I challenge you to create a vision board for the next month. It is the last day of November, what is your vision for December? What goals do you have in place? What do you need to accomplish? It does not matter what your revenue is or how long you have been in business, everyone needs a clear vision, everyone needs to write down their goals. How can you know where you desire to go if you have no vision? Remember to do something different in order to get different results. Write the vision, make it plain!

Yes, this may be elementary, but it still works.

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Shaniece M. Wise – Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

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