What Does Self-Care Look Like as a Biz Owner?

business Mar 12, 2024
What Does Self-Care Look Like as a Biz Owner

As a business owner, the concept of self-care might seem like a luxury you can't afford. But really, what does taking care of yourself entail, and how do you know if you're doing enough to remain both healthy and happy?

Self-care is any action you undertake to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. This could range from taking a brief walk to a break from work to more involved activities like therapy sessions or relaxing massages.

It is crucial to find what self-care practices work best for you and integrate them into your routine regularly. By prioritizing your well-being, you're not only more equipped to focus on and enhance your business, but you also significantly reduce the risk of burnout.

On an episode of my Unstoppable Live Show, I talked with my audience about the importance of self-care for business owners. I shared practical tips on integrating it into our busy lives. Some of these tips include setting clear boundaries between your work and personal life, taking regular breaks to move around or simply to relax, engaging in consistent exercise, eating healthily, ensuring you get sufficient sleep, spending quality time with loved ones, and dedicating time to activities you love. These practices are beneficial for your health and maintaining productivity and enthusiasm for your work.

Yet, it's about more than just following these practices. It's about understanding their profound impact on our personal lives and businesses. A personal experience brought this home for me in a powerful way. My son had the incredible opportunity to attend an event with NBA player Trae Burke, who shared a perspective that echoed my beliefs for years. He told the group, "How you live your life is how you play basketball." This statement resonated with me deeply, highlighting the undeniable link between self-care and how we manage our businesses.

This realization was a wake-up call, emphasizing the importance of self-care not just for personal well-being but as a fundamental component of successful business management. How can we expect to care for our business effectively if we neglect our own care? How we treat ourselves directly influences how we approach our business tasks and challenges.

So, as I remind myself, I encourage you to reflect on what self-care means for you and the health of your business. Sharing these reflections can be incredibly valuable, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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