Stop Working in Your Business and Start Working On Your Business

business Aug 11, 2021
Stop Working in Your Business and Start Working On Your Business

REMEMBER as the CEO…Business Owner…Lead Entrepreneur….

✔️ Your goal is to work “on” your business instead of working “in” your business.

When you work “on” your business, it means you are out there in the public connecting with your target audience, closing deals, growing your clientele. You are speaking, teaching and selling. You are growing your revenue.

When you work “in” your business you are keeping your business running by doing day to day tasks. You are doing administrative tasks like invoicing, and filing paperwork. You are doing your email marketing, monitoring and posting on social media, creating flyers, reaching out for speaking opportunities at workshops, events and on podcasts. You are making sure your inventory is stocked. These are things that you can hire someone else to do, whether it’s a 1099 Subcontractor or an W2 employee. You can also automate and outsource.

I challenge you to make a list of everything that you do and decide what you can remove off your list through delegation, automation and/or outsourcing in order to do grow your business.

Everything is needed and important in order to run a solid business, you just don’t have to do everything as the leader.

Remember, you will never be able to scale and build your empire if it’s just a one man or woman show!

If you are unorganized and honestly just trying to figure it out the best way to set up your business, there is a link in my Profile where you can schedule a Discovery Session. Allow me to help you organize your business so it will grow to six-figures and beyond. Remember, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

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