Watch The New Rich Podcast featuring Shaniece M. Wise!

business Jan 06, 2024
Watch The New Rich Podcast featuring Shaniece M. Wise!

I'm excited to share that I was a special guest on The New Rich Podcast! In the podcast episode, I had an in-depth conversation with Dr. Uyi Abraham and Dr. Faith Abraham, sharing my experiences and insights on building a successful business. I also offered some tips and advice for entrepreneurs seeking help growing their businesses.

As a business coach and expansion strategist, I can help you with every step of the process, from ideation to execution. Building a business takes time, but when you hire me, you can cut down the time and succeed in every facet of your business.

“When a business owner comes to me, I do a complete business analysis to see what they're missing. Because there are so many different things that I can do.” - Shaniece M. Wise

I have many years of experience as a business coach and am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, particularly women of color, achieve their business goals. I have had several clients that have grown tremendously after completing my 12-month coaching program.

“She has a passion for helping business owners get better, and she will drive you to be your best self. She does push you. She will give you assignments and homework and call you out if you don't do what you're supposed to do. Most of the time, it's you standing in your own way.” - Shar Sharnell Mason

There is power in having the right business coach to help you unlock your business potential and maximize your performance. I offer tons of resources to help business owners increase their brand visibility, improve their strategies, and increase their revenue. In the podcast, I also share my thoughts about specific business strategies like creating pricing models and hiring strategies.

“All of our gifts are connected to other people's blessings. If we don't walk in our gift, guess what? Those people that are uniquely assigned to us will not be blessed. So, we have to do what it is that God has called us to do. There's someone out there that needs you. There's someone that needs your gift, your book, your course, whatever it is that God has put inside of you, they need it.” - Shaniece M. Wise

This podcast episode is full of gems that every business owner can benefit from and learn from. Although I speak around the country all year round, I am always humbled and grateful for the opportunity to share my story with others and their audience.

If you're ready to take the next step in your business journey, let's schedule a discovery call today for a free consultation. I'll help you to assess your needs and determine how I can best help you to achieve your business goals.

Learn how to transform into the CEO you're meant to be, simplify your systems, increase your revenue, and dominate your industry - all while preserving your personal and family time